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What's here to see?
Well, basically everything I draw, code and produce. Say: pictures, software and music. A newly discovered feature, the news article is available since version 6, where I keep on writing about stuff I do and where I dwell - as long as enough boredom is provided. You can observe one of mentioned creatures right below this post. But the natural habitat of an article actually lies in the navigation under the category "articles".
Whoever wants to grab some information about me might want to have a look in my profile - a winter wonderland for list lovers and fact fanatics!
And even though guest books are totally 2009, I still own one, which is open for everyone to sign.
If you either intend to write novels in my guest book or just want to mooch some software: enjoy my homepage!

14.07.2014, 17:17 Aus PHROSH-web.de wird PHROSH.net
Zeit für Veränderung:
Neuer Server, neue Domain. www.phrosh-web.de ist ab heute nur noch fünftes Rad am Wagen. Die neue URL lautet www.phrosh.net und ist ab sofort auf der gesamten Welt verfügbar. Ganz schön ungewohnt, nicht mehr "phrosh-web" zu schreiben... gewöhnungssache...
Trotzdem ist die Website vorerst auch noch zusätzlich unter der alten Domain zu erreichen.
Es folgt die Homepage zu meinem Musik-Projekt. Diese muss allerdings e...
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