mr. cuddle
Keymapper 1.4.2
Download: 32-Bit
Size 181.79 KB
Usage Mausgesten / Hotkeys
Release 2011
Version 1.4.2
Requirements .net 4.0
Languages multi
Code c#
Features Tastenkombinationen / Mausgesten zum Ausführen von Aktionen, anpassbare Mausgestenlinie, Erstellen eigener Sprachpakete, Ex- und Import
It took a long time, but finally my most complete program is finished, not to mention my first one written in c#. I always wanted software like that, because I was always complaining about the windows explorer that does not support navigation via mouse gestures - like firefox does. With this cute piece of software even this worry is gone: everything can be done by a single wave of the mouse.
To further customize Windows, I also implemented the hotkey functionality. With their help it is now possible to, for example, open each folder with media contents by pressing ... let's say Ctrl + M... or any other combination you like. Also launching applicatoins is fast as hell when you just have to use one hotkey to start it. Even many functions of keymapper itself can be accessed by hotkeys or mousegestures.
Everything is delivered in an, imho, well-arranged user interface and due to a coding mistake the mouse line behind mouse gestures looks really awesome :D.
An online help is available here.
Since version 1.3 it is even possible to apply custom languages to the user interface by using language packs. those language packs can easily be made by the user theirself.

For the lazy ones who don't want to make their own mouse gestures, here are some packs. Just import those.
Folder Navigation Pack
Media Control Pack

Keymapper is freeware and thus can be copied, distributed and used freely. Offering this software for money or to use it for other commercial purposes is not permitted. Who ever wants to offer a copy of it on their homepage, please refer to me and my site and do not repack the rar-file.
I always try to keep my software free from bugs and other animals, but of course I am still not responsible for any harm your system may get through my software or related files.