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Keymapper 2 2.1.2
Download: 64-Bit
Size 308.25 KB
Usage Systemweite Mausgesten / Hotkeys
Release 12.09.2016
Version 2.1.2
Requirements .net 4.5.2
Languages Englisch, Deutsch
Code c#
Features Aktionen systemweit durch Mausgesten oder Tastenkombinationen triggern, anpassbare Mausgestenlinie, Aktionen individuell für Programme einstellbar, Backup von Mappings und Einstellungen
After 5 years of waiting the piece of software I undoubldly use most witnesses a reboot: the Keymapper2 is out.
The idea behind is still the same: simulating keystrokes, opening files or sysem actions can still be done. If you ever wanted to open your image folder with a Ctrl + I or simply perform a "Back" in the Explorer window with a simple swipe to the left, the Keymapper2 is the right tool for you.
Newly added is indeed the feature to attatch multiple triggers to one mapping. If you like to control your music with both mouse gestures and hotkeys, you no longer need to create several mappings for one and the same action.
Also new are the application specific action lists. If you swipe to the right in your browser, you prbably don't want the same action to be triggered in an Explorer window. No problem with Keymapper 2.
And there is more: many cool line styles for mouse gestures, waiting for you to be customized and even contain animations.
I hope, you are as satisfied as I am with the new Keymapper.